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By guest, Jun 6 2012 11:45PM

Today's top tip is all about BEFORE you even think about calling up agents to interview them and put your home on the market in Wisbech.

It's all about "research".

If you already have a rough idea of what your home is worth, or what you'd like to achieve, there are various things you can research - what competition there is for your home, how agents market those homes etc

Simply pop into Rightmove or Zoopla your home's postcode sector (eg PE13), select 1 bedroom minimum (to remove any building plots, land, commercial property) and then select two-three price ranges above and below your expected sale price to obtain a suitably large enough pool of comparable homes.

Then simply check what your competition is for your home in the immediate area.

While doing this, you can also see who markets homes better visually in the immediate area - it's amazing how a nice, well-presented and composed photo with good lighting can have a hugely beneficial impact on the success of a sale.

Look for things like virtual tours, video, floor plans - the easier it is for a buyer to truly visualise your home, the easier it will sell to the perfect buyer.

I'm always amazed at how some sellers do not do this simple, common sense research before interviewing estate agents in the Wisbech area - and have later wished they had done so before instructing an agent - and live to pay the price with the poor results in the marketing of their home.

It's free, costs you absolutely nothing (other than a few minutes of your time), but will pay off when you are ready to interview estate agents in the local Wisbech area and market your home for sale.

As always, I am more than happy to talk about any property matters you have or advice you need.

I'm Alex - Owner of Aboda Homes Estate Agents Wisbech.

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