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The 'escape to the country' movement and it's positive effect on Wisbech home values

By Alex at Aboda, Jul 11 2017 09:48PM

So I've been working with a property market research and analysis company to discover why home values in the Wisbech area have been bucking the trend compared to national figures and even our local counties and nearby towns as well.

Local Authority Districts across England have been classified based on the share of their population that lives in urban, rural or ‘rural-related’ areas, such as smaller hub towns that serve the wider rural hinterland.

The classification is not an indication of the amount of open countryside but on the settlements where the populations live and it provides basis for further analysis of the country’s housing market.

We have analysed the premium/discount price paid in 2016 for homes in the different categories. This analysis excludes London which skews the results.

The analysis shows that properties in areas classed as ‘urban with significant rural’ achieved the highest premium, 18% higher than the national average.

So this might go someway to explain why the Wisbech area, as an urban area with significant rural surroundings and being a hub-town of nearby larger towns and cities, has seen such recent growth in home values

We are clearly in an in-demand type of area!

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