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Property Prices Remaining Virtually Static

By Alex at Aboda, Sep 9 2019 09:09AM

Here's a quick snapshot of what's happening in property markets:

- Over the last 12 full months there have been 98,578 sales in the East of England. This is a –8% change on the previous 12 month period. The average sales price was £287,034.

- Property prices remained virtually static in June, the average price of a property £230,292 up just 0.7% on May. Year-on-year prices have risen by 0.9%.

- The HMRC report that transaction levels in July were 12.4% below the same month a year ago. It is worth pointing out that the June 2019 figure has just been revised from a 16.5% fall to a 4.7% fall. It is likely that the July fall is not as substantial as is being currently reported.

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