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By Alex at Aboda, Jan 21 2020 02:40PM

New Year, new you, new home?

As we welcomed in 2020 many of us turned our minds to our resolutions and how we will start changing our lives for the better.

A national newspaper recently published a survey of the top 50 New Year’s resolutions made by the British public.

Rather than cover the entire list here’s the top five things people wanted to change about themselves. (By the way, number 32 could have applied to us – eat less biscuits!)

1) Exercise more.

2) Eat more healthily.

3) Cut down on alcohol.

4) Stop smoking.

5) Spend less time on Facebook /the internet.

At ABODA as much as we’d love to, we can’t help you with those, but we can definitely ably assist you with number 14 on the list – move to a new home.

Contrary to a general misconception January is a good time to put your property on the market for several reasons. Firstly the turn of the year, as shown by the aforementioned survey, is when people take stock of their lives and think of moving.

Secondly, many people wait to the spring before putting their property on the market and in doing so they join what’s traditionally a very congested market place. Your property will stand out from the crowd because at this time of the year there isn’t much of a crowd to speak of.

Last, but not least, potential buyers are surfing the internet daily looking for their next new home. In our experience spring and summer viewers can be made up of a lot of ‘window shoppers’. People who aren’t sure of their moving plans but are just having a look at what’s out there.

People who are looking for property in the winter tend to fall into the serious buyer category and we find more places are sold with less viewings during this time.

So good luck with your 2020 resolutions, and if moving tops your to do list give us at ABODA a call as we’d be delighted to help.

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like any help or advice about what's happening in our local property market - we are always happy to help!

Alex Doggett – ABODA Fine Homes - Owner

By Alex at Aboda, Jan 6 2020 01:21PM

A new decade has begun, an ideal time to look back at the housing market over the past 10 years.

In England and Wales, the average price of a property has risen by £72,000 over the past decade. Across the South East, South West and London, average property prices have increased by over £100,000. All but one region have seen double digit house price growth.

Official figures indicate 30% of dwellings are now rented privately from registered providers or with a job or business. This equates to an extra 1.3 million dwellings compared to a decade ago.

Changing demographics and family structures have seen the number of households rise at a higher rate than the population since 2010, a trend that looks set to continue. What will the next decade hold? Only time will tell.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about what's happening in our local property market - we are always happy to help!

Alex Doggett - Owner - ABODA Fine Homes

By Alex at Aboda, Dec 13 2019 01:50PM

After a night of drama Boris Johnson has returned to Number 10 with the largest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

The markets reacted positively to the news, the value of Sterling rising against both the US$ and hitting its highest level since July 2016 against the Euro. On the stock market the FTSE 100 share index rose 1.8%, while the FTSE 250, which includes more UK-focused shares rose 4%, hitting a record high.

A poll prior to the election by YouGov indicated 14% of people considered housing a ‘top three’ priority in the election, with housing considered more important than education, defence and welfare benefits.

Key Conservative housing manifesto pledges include increasing housebuilding, supporting first-time buyers and maintaining ‘Right-to-Buy’, leasehold reform and reforms to the rental market including ending no-fault evictions and the introduction of so-called ‘lifetime’ deposits. Non-UK resident purchases may now face a 3% additional taxation levy, up from the 1% mooted by Theresa May.

By Alex at Aboda, Dec 12 2019 11:28AM

A review of selected market indicators since the UK’s referendum on EU membership, show that house prices across England and Wales have risen by 10%. A buyer now requires over £22,000 more to purchase now than they did back in June 2016. Double digit growth is evident in half of all regions across England and Wales. In contrast, price growth across London has been just 1.4%.

Housebuilder share prices have experienced mixed fortunes over the past two and a half years. On average they remain slightly lower than before the vote, but share prices of all major housebuilders are currently higher than at the start of the year.

Exchange rates remain considerably lower than prior to the EU Referendum vote. 2019 has proved a volatile year, rates plummeting to new lows in July. However, compared to the start of 2019, sterling has made some ground against both the euro and the US$.

The FTSE 250 has remained the strongest performer since the Referendum. It has gained ground over 2019, although remains 3.9% lower than its peak in June 2018.

If you would like to know more about what's happening in our local property market - feel free to get in touch! We are always happy to help.

Alex Doggett - Owner - ABODA Fine Homes

By Alex at Aboda, Nov 7 2019 10:20AM

Here's a snapshot overview of what is happening in the property markets for the East of England.

The average price of a home rose by 1.2% in August compared to a year ago, according to the official UK

house price index. This is the highest level of annual growth recorded since April.

Sales level in September were at their highest monthly level since August 2017 according to the

HMRC. 101,740 sales completed, up 2.3% year on year. Quarter on quarter sales volumes rose 1.8%.

At 0.3% growth in the UK economy in the three months to August was slightly higher than expected.

Analysts expect growth of 0.5% over quarter 3, and 1.3% over 2019, down slightly from 1.4% in 2018 and

1.9% in 2017

65,919 mortgages for house purchase were approved by the Bank of England in September, up

0.6% year-on-year and the highest September figure since 2016. Year to date mortgage approvals are up

1.1% on 2018.

Over the last 12 full months there have been 985 sales in Wisbech PE13 & PE14. This is a –12% change on the previous 12 month period. The average sales price was £181,138.

If you would like to know more about what is happening in our local property markets - feel free to get in touch. I'm always happy to help!

Alex Doggett - Owner - ABODA Fine Homes

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