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Welcome to my blog


Here you can read all my advice, tips and property market knowledge about buying and selling a high value home in the Wisbech Town & Village area

By Alex at Aboda, Mar 5 2018 10:05PM

Here's the latest trends in the UK's housing market, with a detailed focus on Wisbech PE13 & PE14.

House prices

UK house prices rose by 5.2% over 2017 according to the UK house price index, taking the average price of a home to £226,756. Within England, strongest growth was recorded in the South West (7.5%) and both the East and West Midlands (6.3%).


Inflation remained unchanged at 3% in January. The rate was expected to drop slightly from the December figure and a number of measures including food and fuel prices have begun to fall back. These were offset, however, by a rise in price for cultural goods and services.


There were 102,610 residential transactions recorded in January across the UK (on a seasonally adjusted basis). While up slightly on the end of 2017, this is on a par with the level recorded in January 2016.


The National Association of Estate Agents report a large pick up in demand in January compared to the end of last year, although levels remain 14% lower than January 2017. Over a quarter (27%) of all sales in the month were to first time buyers.


Tenant demand across much of the country edged upwards in the three months to January, while landlord instructions fell back according to the latest survey from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Agents are moderately positive about rental price growth over the next three months.

Wisbech PE13 & PE14 Area

Average home values have continued to increase annually by 10%, double the national average of just 5% - and increased by 38% over the last five years - despite transaction levels being 8% down lower compared to the last 12 months. Detached homes continue to be the most type of home sold in the area at 53% of all home types and also show the highest growth in value annually at almost 11% over the last 12 months. Annual house price growth for other home types are 10% for semi-detached homes, 8% for terraced homes and 5.5% for flats in the Wisbech PE13 & PE14 area. The average home value in the area is now approx £180,000 with average values for detached homes now reaching £228,000. The Wisbech area is still an area of high inward migration from other areas of the country, especially at the upper end of the market from £250,000 upwards with 81% of our clients homes being sold to buyers from out of the area, predominantly to buyers from the South East and other counties surrounding the London area.

Our Performance:

Aboda Homes Wisbech sold our clients homes at 102% of marketing price on average over the last 12 months compared to the Wissbech area average of just 96% - gaining our clients 6% more of their homes value!



If you'd like to have a chat about the market or your home - just let me know and I will be happy to arrange!


By Alex at Aboda, Feb 1 2018 09:49PM

House prices across the UK increased by 5.1% in the year to November according to the latest UK house price index.

This compares to an annual rate of growth of 5.3% a year ago.

While prices are rising fastest across the West and East Midlands, in the Wisbech PE13 & PE14 area we are experiencing DOUBLE the annual house price growth compared to the national average at 10%!

Click here to view our full report!

And if you'd like to know the TRUE current value of YOUR home - do get in touch!


By Alex at Aboda, Jan 2 2018 07:46PM

Just wanted to share with you my top tips and trends on the national & regional property market and in my local Wisbech PE13 & PE14 area of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Lincolnshire.

HEADLINE THIS MONTH: Wisbech PE13 & PE14 home values are still up 9% annually compared to national increases of just 4.5% - despite a decline of 16% in transaction volumes annually in the local area - and up 35% over the last five years! (see pages 2 & 3 of the report at the link below)

Why??? - this is likely to be due to the continued imbalance of lower numbers of available homes for those buyers looking to move around and into the local area

Take a look at the full report at the link below


It's a brief yet informative summary of the key market data and trends affecting the national property market and economy and what's going on locally in my area.

I hope you find it useful and informative!

Please let me know if you wish to discuss anything about the market or your home - I'm always happy to help!

Thanks - Speak soon!


By Alex at Aboda, Nov 22 2017 09:52PM

The Chancellor has announced that stamp duty is to be abolished for all first time buyers on properties bought up to £300,000, effective from today. In addition, first time buyers purchasing properties up to £500,000 will pay no stamp duty on the first £300,000.

In his Budget, Philip Hammond announced that 80% of first time buyers would pay no stamp duty at all. With 358,000 first time buyers in the last year, this means that at least 24% of all sales in the UK’s housing market are set to be charged 0% tax. Once other exempt sales under £125,000 are taken into account, this figure will be even higher.

Two thirds of properties bought so far this year across the country have been under the new threshold but there are large regional variations. In Wales and the North East, over 90% of sales in the last year have been over £300,000 while just 17% of sales in London were for less than £300,000.

While good news for first-time buyers, this will further squeeze investors in the sub-£500,000 market who are already suffering from increased taxes. What's more, it does not, give any encouragement to owners higher up the chain to downsize.

By Alex at Aboda, Nov 5 2017 07:35PM

For the first time in more than ten years, the Bank of England have raised interest rates. But, there is no need to panic, the new rate of 0.5% still remains the second lowest rate on record.

While a number of banks and building societies have already announced that they will pass on the rate increase to borrowers, the impact of a rise will be minimal.

UK Finance report that over the last two years, over 90% of new mortgage and re-mortgage loans have been on fixed rate deals, and over half of all outstanding mortgage loans are now on fixed rate deals.

But for the 5 million borrowers on variable rate mortgages, some increase in their monthly mortgage is to be expected.

Nationwide estimate that the 0.25% rise will increase the monthly mortgage bill by £22 for home owners with an average £175,000 mortgage on their base mortgage rate deal.

However, since the introduction of the Mortgage Market Review in 2014, new borrowers from April 2014 are more prepared for a rise than they might have been in the past.

UK Finance estimate that, of mortgages lent since 2015, 92% were stress tested for an interest rate of at least 3% above their current rate - protecting those borrowers, lenders, and the housing market, from any shock to the system from this small increase in interest rates.

Historically, however, any hints of an interest rate rise have usually encouraged a flurry of home purchases from people looking to secure their home now, before any further rate rises occur.

So...if you are considering a home move in the near future, perhaps we should talk sooner rather than later!

You can contact me any time you wish to discuss your plans for moving home - I will always be happy to help and offer advice

Speak soon


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